X’s and O’s
Lakeside Lightning, SBL

X’s and O’s

Welcome back to another edition of Xs & Os – where we get to know Coaches from around the League a little bit more in depth. Today, we catch up with Lakeside Lightning Men’s Head Coach Sam Oatman.

What is the value Veterans bring to a team?

Veterans can add tremendous value to a team, but they need to be the right type of veterans.  Guys who know how to play, and probably more importantly guys who know how to prepare.  They need to set the standard for the younger players.  If you have guys like that, it can really help your team.

Who do you think are some of the Best Young players in the League?

There’s plenty of young talent in the league to like.  I think we have some of the best young players right here at Lakeside.  Corey Shervill has really taken his game to another level.  Matt Vinci and Michael Garbellini both have really bright futures.  Rowan Mackenzie is going to be one heck of a player.

Pick the three best Aussies in the League

As a former PG, I’m going with Joel Wagner and Kyle Armour.  Both guys play the game the right way and lead their teams really well.  Then, I’d have to say Rhys Vague.

Who do you think is the best shooter in the League?

Ben Smith – Redbacks

What is the best individual performance you have seen in the League?

Tie between James Padgett (29pts 15 Rebounds 3 Assists 9 Offensive Rebounds vs East Perth) and Devon Atkinson (31 Pts 4 Assists 4 Rebounds 3 Steal 0 Turnovers vs East Perth)

Who is the toughest player to prepare your defense for?

Rhys Vague – He’s got size, length, and athleticism.  He can go inside/out.  He’s just a really tough match-up. 

Buzzer Beaters

On Toast – Spaghetti or Baked Beans? Neither one is breakfast food where I come from, but I’d choose Baked Beans on Toast

NBA Finals – Warriors or Cavs? Cavs in 6

Which is harder – Coaching in Geraldton vs the Buccs or coaching your young Lakeside WABL team? My WABL team is rolling – We’ve won 5 in a row!  They’re a joy to coach!  So definitely in Gero vs the Buccs.

Brekkie – Pop Tarts or Waffles? Waffles

GOAT – MJ or LBJ? MJ – Not even close

Dinner – Pizza or Pasta? Pizza

Drink – Gatorade or Powerade? Gatorade

Clutch – Down by two, ten seconds to go in the Fourth, No timeouts, Devon denied the ball… Which local player do you back to shoot the game winner? I could draw something up for either Darrell Morgan or Corey Shervill.  Neither one is afraid of the moment

Article by Travis Young
Photo by Mick Cronin

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