Player Interview: Justin King
SBL, Warwick Senators

Player Interview: Justin King

Natala Miller caught up with Stirling Senators import Justin King –







I have heard you say in the Stirling video that you did your research on Coach Mike Ellis, what influence did this have on your decision?

It was a big influence. Playing and learning from a coach with that type of experience is always a plus.

What do you want life after your basketball career to look like?

I want to continue to be around basketball as like a Consultant/Agent to players that want to make a career out of basketball.

You have been named SBL Player of the Week two weeks in a row now, how’s that make you feel?

Makes me feel good, that my hard work is being recognised.  I still have a lot more work to do though.

You have played in Australia before in Melbourne with the Oakland Warriors, is that league very similar to the SBL?

Yes it is very similar, it just has a lot more teams in Melbourne.

You are quite a diverse player on the court, what would you say is your favourite position to play and why?

I like to play shooting guard.  I like to get a shot or draw defenders for an open shot for my team mates.

You played in the SBL Blitz in March, how did you find that? 

It was pretty cool, felt like I was playing AAU again.

Having played half of the season, how are you finding it and the quality of players the SBL has?

The SBL is a well rounded league with quality players.  You have to bring it every game.

What is the best advice anyone has ever given you to make you keep pushing on when it was too hard?

“You love it, so keep working hard and it’ll all work out for you”

What impact do you want to have in the basketball world outside of just playing?

I want to be respected and known for working hard, on and off the court.

What would be your favourite tourist spot in Australia so far?

Down south of Perth, out of the City around the beaches and other nature areas.

When you’re not training and playing what is it you like to do outside of basketball?

I really enjoy being out in the nature and I enjoy listening to music.

Who is your favourite NBA player and why? 

Allan Iverson, because he played with so much heart and passion.  I wish I could have seen him win a championship.

Article by Natala Miller

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