Mental Health Awareness Round

Mental Health Awareness Round

🧠 Mental Health Awareness Round

Through this round, we aim to increase the awareness of not only the importance of looking after your own mental health, but also checking in on others.

Mental Health Awareness Round Objectives-

🔵 Promoting mental health and wellbeing;
🔵 De-stigmatising mental health issues.

Key Messages-

✔️ Check in on a mate, or someone you care about if they’re not going so well;
✔️ Talking and listening are powerful; and
✔️ Mental health issues can affect anyone. It may be difficult at first but talking can help.

💡 Players, Coaches and Referees will wear blue arm bands for all games this weekend to increase awareness and let the community know, we care and prioritise mental health.

🖐 Big thanks to Youth Focus, The Happiness Co and A Stitch in Time for supporting ‘Mental Health Awareness Round’ and its key messages. 

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