2017 SBL Award Winners
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2017 SBL Award Winners

Men’s SBL MVP: Jacob Holmen (Goldfields Giants)

Women’s SBL MVP: Ali Schwagmeyer (Lakeside Lightning)

John Gardiner Men’s SBL Coach of the Year: Charles Nix (South West Slammers)

Women’s SBL Coach of the Year: Randy Miegel (Mandurah Magic)

Men’s SBL Most Improved Player: Corey Shervill (Lakeside Lightning)

Women’s SBL Most Improved Player: Chelsea Belcher (Joondalup Wolves)

SportsPower SBL Referee of the Year: Steve Diconza

SportsPower SBL Most Improved Referee of the Year: Aaron Easther

SBL Referee Coach of the Year: Geoff Schulz

Scoretable Official of the Year: Nathan Robertson (Stirling Senators)

Statistician of the Year: Jodi Ullrich (Geraldton Buccaneers)

Volunteer of the Year: Neill Richie (Mandurah Magic)

Arthur McRobbie Award: Brad French (Goldfields Giants)

Journalist of the Year: Justin Fris (Geraldton Newspapers)

Media of the Year: South Western Times/Bunbury Herald (Mitchell Woodcock)

Print Story of the Year: Justin Rake (Mandurah Mail)

Photo of the Year: Mick Cronin

Men’s SBL Division 1 MVP: Ben Lee (Willetton Tigers)

Women’s SBL Division 1 MVP: Mia Satie (Perry Lakes Hawks)

Men’s SBL All-Star-Five:

PG: Tre Nichols (South West Slammers)
SG: Dwayne Benjamin (Geraldton Buccaneers)
SF: Brian Voelkel (South West Slammers)
PF: Shawn Redhage (Perth Redbacks)
C: Ray Turner (Willetton Tigers

Women’s SBL All-Star-Five:

PG: Nici Gilday (Mandurah Magic)
SG: Stacey Barr (Willetton Tigers)
SF: Ali Schwagmeyer (Lakeside Lightning)
PF: Carly Boag (Mandurah Magic)
C: Natalie Burton (Perry Lakes Hawks)

Men’s SBL All-Defensive-Five:

PG: Kyle Armour (Willetton Tigers)
SG: Courtney Belger (Kalamunda Eastern Suns)
SF: Maurice Barrow (Geraldton Buccaneers)
PF: Ben Purser (Perry Lakes Hawks)
C: Kevin Davis (East Perth Eagles)

Women’s SBL All-Defensive-Five

PG: Lauren Jeffers (Perry Lakes Hawks)
SG: Casey Mihovilovich (Mandurah Magic)
SF: Ali Schwagmeyer (Lakeside Lightning)
PF: Ellyce Ironmonger (Joondalup Wolves)
C: Natalie Burton (Perry Lakes Hawks)

Men’s Statistical Awards

FG% – Mat Wundenberg (Geraldton Buccaneers) (65.22%)
3PT% – Lochlan Cummings (Cockburn Cougars) (44.36%)
FT% – Shawn Redhage (Perth Redbacks) – (87.14%)
Steals P/G – William Brandenberg (Kalamunda Eastern Suns) (2.73)
Assists P/G – Brian Voelkel (South West Slammers) (8.65)
Rebounds P/G – Brian Voelkel (South West Slammers) (16.13)
Blocks P/G – Donovan Jack (Rockingham Flames) (2.00)
Points P/G – Shawn Redhage (Perth Redbacks) – (27.35)

Women’s Statistical Awards

FG% – Brittany Hodges (South West Slammers) (55.00%)
3PT% – Sydnee Fipps (Lakeside Lightning) (38.69%)
FT% – Nici Gilday (Mandurah Magic) (85.37%)
Steals P/G – Carly Boag (Mandurah Magic) (3.30)
Assists P/G – Shani Amos (Joondalup Wolves) (5.00)
Rebounds P/G – Carly Boag (Mandurah Magic) (12.50)
Blocks P/G – Samantha Roscoe (Lakeside Lightning) (2.46)
Points P/G – Chastity Reed (Rockingham Flames) (23.44)

Men’s 2017 SBL Champions
– Perth Redbacks

Men’s 2017 Grand Final MVP – Lee Roberts (Perth Redbacks)

Women’s 2017 SBL Champions – Perry Lakes Hawks

Women’s 2017 Grand Final MVP – Toni Farnworth (Perry Lakes Hawks)

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